Vintage Saws Library

In the winter of 1997, I became an associate editor of the Fine Tool Journal. The Fine Tool Journal is the only publication that is solely dedicated to the collection, study and use of hand tools. In the past several years, I have written a number of articles about saws, and present them here as a resource.* As I compose new articles, I'll post them here a few months after they go to print. If you don't want to wait, I encourage you to subscribe to the Fine Tool Journal today. In addition, I'll post other interesting saw related information here as I find or compose it. Since these articles are entire pages of scanned text, they will load slowly. Hopefully, you will find them worth the wait. Enjoy!

"A Good Saw?" Winter Issue, 1997. Discusses what to look for when selecting a vintage saw--a good introduction to the world of hand saws.

"The How's of Setting Saws" Spring Issue, 1997. Discusses what set is, the tools to use, and how to apply it.

"What's in a Name?, Part I" Fall Issue, 1997. Defines the various types of hand and back saws and along with their recommended uses.

"What's in a Name?, Part II" Winter Issue, 1998. Defines the roles and uses of saws that are used to cut curves.

"Disston-- The Good, The Better, the Best" Summer Issue, 1998. Discusses the various grades of quality in the present in the Disston Hand Saw line.

"Henry Disston and Sons Redesign the Handsaw" Spring Issue, 1999. Discusses the dramatic changes to the Disston Hand Saw line in the late 1920s.

"The Monarch Corliss Steam Engine" May 1999. Nothing at all to do with hand saws. Read about this marvel of technology from the 19th Century, sitting in a radiator repair shop lot near Smithville, TX.

New! "How to Clean a Saw" December 2002. Learn how to clean and restore and old saw to usable condition. You asked for it, here it is...only at Vintage Saws.

"Saw Filing--A Beginner's Primer" February 2000. Available only here at Vintage Saws! A complete analysis on the tools and techniques needed to file most any saw in your shop.

"Keystone Hand Saws" Fall Issue, 2001. Explores Disston's second quality line of hand saws. A quick read with a lot of information.

The original directions included with the Stanley 42X Saw Set can be found here.

New! "How to Make a Box to Ship Your Saw " If you can't find a box to ship your saw to me for filing, follow these detailed instructions to make a first class 5 tab box.