Vintage Saws Site News


Here's where you can find quick updates to things that have changed since the last time you were here. New product releases, updates to vintage saw inventory, new articles in the library, or updates to the museum can all be found here. Please check back often to see what's new!
9 July 2015   Standard Grade Filing Kits $20 off   We're having a sale on our standard grade saw filing kits. $20 off any instock saw through the end of July. Only $50 each, comes complete with file and handle!   Here!
1 July 2015   Commercial Saw Filing Service Available!   For the first time in many years, the same exceptional filing service we use on the saws we sell is available to the public. Get your dull saw tuned now!   Here!
24 June 2015   18 #7 - D7 Hand Saws available   6 cross cuts and 12 rips, but more on the way!   Here!
15 June 2015   38 D8 Hand Saws available   Several years of accululation are here, ready to go back to work. 18 cross cuts and 20 rips.   Here!
Now!   Learn to File a Saw!   Best on the web, check out our saw filing primer and learn how to file a saw. Let's face it, if you can build a chest of drawers, you can do this. It's my mission to teach everyone who uses saws to learn to keep them in shape.