Saw Maintenance

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Here you will find all the products you need to keep your saws sharp and cutting to perfection. We are proud to carry Grobet brand saw sharpening files. We stock a selection that is second to none complete with all the files you need to sharpen any pitch saw that might be in your shop. In addition, we stock a good selection of other files and rasps that most woodworkers find handy.

To complement our files, we also stock Skroo-Zon file handles. These are not like ordinary file handles that work loose and fall off when you need them most. Skroo-Zon file handles feature a threaded, hardened insert which bites into the file tang just like a die stock. The result is a vise-like grip that is guaranteed not to work loose.

Another invaluable tool in the upkeep of saws is a saw set. We scour the countryside to find vintage examples that get the job done right the first time. Since availability varies, check back often to see our current selection.

Finally, a good saw vise is needed to hold the saw while it is filed. It used to be that you couldn't walk into an antique store without tripping over a saw vise sitting in the corner. While they are growing increasingly scarce, we try to keep a good selection in stock. Like the saw sets, availability varies.

Whatever you need, you will find it here. We use these products ourselves to tune saws for our customers, so we know without question what works, what's good, and what's not.

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