Shipping & Returns


We use two main vendors to deliver goods to your door. They are:

The United States Postal Service

Fedex Ground

In general, we ship smaller items such as files and file handles via the USPS. Larger items, and especially saws, travel via Fedex Ground.

We don't have a lot of time to calculate shipment costs. Instead, for Domestic US shipping we have used flat rate shipping for a long time. We plan to continue that choice and charge $10 per order for anything that is purchased on the site.

Practically, that means if you buy one file or ten handsaws, the cost of shipment is always $10. If you come back tomorrow and order something else, that is $10. We have held the line on shipping for the past 3 years but due to rising costs have raised the flat rate from $9 to $10. Some shipments are less, some are more, but from our vantage point, we look at the total cost of shipping as opposed to how much we collect, and when it gets out of balance, we are forced to raise our prices. Please understand that unlike some online vendors, we DO NOT sell shipping. We wish it were free, and always do our best to keep costs under control.

International Shipping

We gladly ship to the four corners of the globe via the United States Postal Service. We have shipped products to all the continents except Antarctica. Please note that for International Shipments, we charge the exact cost of shipping. At the time of checkout, you will be charged the flat rate. When it is time to ship your order, we will calculate the cost and request the difference between what you paid, $10 and the total cost.

Example. You live in Australia and buy a handsaw. At checkout, you are billed $10 for the saw. We process your order and prepare the 3 pound package for shipment. We calculate your actual shipping cost as $37.20. We contact you to pay the difference of $27.20

Shipping Times

We generally ship files and other related goods next day. If you have purchased a Vintage Hand Saw from us, it may take up to a week to file it and get it ready to ship. We do not file our saws until they are sold to ensure they are sharp and at the pinnacle of perfection when they go out the door. We work as quickly as we can, but make no apology for the time required to perform this service. We make every effort to accommodate special requests.


Our policy is simple, We want you to be happy. As such, we will gladly take back any product which is not as described. Buyer must pay for return shipping. Having said that, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never, ever, not even once, been asked to take a product back. We are perfectionists, and strive for perfection when items leave for the customer. It is with that 11 year history behind us we state our return policy with little concern.

We do need to point out that we do not "buy back" saws once they have been delivered and deemed to be acceptable. Several times people have bought items from us and after a year or so wanted to "cash them out" to get back their capital investment. We are not a pawn shop, but like a pawn shop consider all sales "Final".

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