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No doubt if you are a visitor to this site you have several saws in your shop or home. Even more likely is the fact that they probably need sharpened. You want to learn, but you don't want to practice for the first time on the saw that your Grandfather passed down to you or on the $300 crisp D12 you just bought at the tool meet.

If you can relate to the above, then this page is for you. Here you will find just what you need to learn to file. By popular demand, below are two grades of saws. We offer the premium grade, which once cleaned and sharpened will result in a saw of at least good condition, some better. Saws are usually from big name makers, handles with no or little damage, blades which may have light rust but are cleanable. The idea is that when finished you have a saw that you can use in your saw till, not just a saw to practice on and throw away. In general, we have tried to give an accurate description of each saw so you can make and informed decision.

Also available are what we call standard grade. These saws may have handles with more damage to include shortened horns, drilled hang holes and stress cracks. They can also have narrower blades which may be rusty and even mildly pitted. Having said all that, none are to the point that they cannot be perfectly functional tools once they are cleaned, set and sharpened. In general, these saws are perfect for what they are intended for, learning to file saw teeth. They can certainly be used in the shop but may not look as good as their premium counterparts. Both will work great assuming you have filed them properly.

Since many filers are concerned with the height of the blade, we indicate our thoughts on whether the teeth on a saw are ready to file, or could be filed with a little work. In extreme cases, a saw can be recut. In general, up to 1/4" of blade height is sacrificed when you retooth a saw. Having said that, any saw below can be cut to any tooth pitch or configuration.

When you fill out the order form, specify if you want to learn to file rip teeth or crosscut teeth. Rip saws can be had from 4-7 ppi and cross cut saws from 6-13 ppi. You specify the pitch and profile and we'll cut new teeth into the saw you select. We'll also enclose the proper Grobet file and matching handle. Don't forget to also order a 10" mill for jointing or spare files for other saws you might need to sharpen. Learning to file has never been so cheap and stress free. Order yours today.

Once your saw arrives, you'll want to visit the Vintage Saws library to review how to clean your saw and get it ready to cut. All saws are guaranteed to make first class users once they have been cleaned, filed and set. Learn a skill that you can use for a lifetime.

Note: In general, any saw can function as either a rip or cross cut. However, Rip saws tend to work better if the blade is wider. If you are not sure or have a question on any saw below, please drop me a note through the form located on the FAQ page.

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